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M4s OA knee brace


The M4s OA osteoarthritis knee brace utilizes medi’s unique and strong “s” style frame in the time proven four point configuration and incorporates medi’s patented varus/valgus loading mechanism to provide effective treatment for moderate and more significant symptoms of uni-compartmental osteoarthritis.

The unique flex-bar system allows the strut opposing the loading mechanism to flex providing effective pain relief and reduce point-loading pressure and enhance patient comfort. The advantages of the flex-bar, loading mechanism and ability to align the brace to the individual patient combine with the soft-grip padding system and numbered straps to provide exceptional patient satisfaction and high compliance.

Additionally the M4s OA is available in a compact version for patients with shorter legs or a need to wear the brace above select footwear such as ski boots.

Mode of Action:

Protection, stabilization, pain relief and restoration of mobility. Pressure relief of the medial or lateral joint compartment offloading the affected compartment into a varus or valgus position. Stabilization of the knee joint by the 4-point principle to counteract knee instability, a cause of osteoarthritis. Safeguards against hyperextension and offers limitation of flexion and extension.

Features & Benefits: "S" profile improves torsional stability while following natural alignment of femur and tibia. Hiinges proximal to knee joint allow precise offloading of the knee. Polycentric hinges. Anatomically premolded frame. Strong, low-profile and light weight. Numbered straps ensure simple fastening. Air/foam condyle pads. Excellent comfort with new soft-grip padding. Extention limitation at 0,10 degrees. Optional ROM limitation at 20, 30, 40 degrees available upon request. Allen kep included for customized adjustments. 100% alumina frame.

Recommended Conditions:

Conservative: Moderate to severe medial or osteoarthritis combined with ligament instability. Strong overloading of the medial or lateral compartment. Unicompartmental relief before HTO (brace test). Relief of severe, painful bone edema (bone bruising). Relief of painful stress fractures. Postoperative Conditions: Cartilage surgery / chondroplasty / meniscus refixation / displacement osteotomy with required postoperative relief of the medial or lateral compartment.


Circumference of thigh 6" (15cm) above the center of the patella (measured at the medial side of the thigh)