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Protect.Tennis Elbow Strap elbow strap works to relieve elbow discomfort related to tennis elbow, pitcher's elbow, forearm pain, osteoarthritic conditions, and inflammation. elbow strap features the gentle compression you need to...

Rhizomed Soft Thumb Support

The Rhizomed soft is a splint for immobilzation of the thumb with a large opening allows for ease of application and removal, with as little pain as possible. The integrated...

Protect.Hernia Belt

The protect.hernia belt provides support for single or double inguinal hernia. PDAC L8300/L8310 Works for single or double inguinal hernia Easily adjustable belt and leg straps High density foam pads...


Relieve foot pain related to plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, flat feet, fallen arches, and heel pain. protect.strutz pro maintains the arch of your foot while absorbing shock as you move. The...