ACL Tube

Topical Gear

Activates and trains medial hamstring and medial quadricep muscles to stabilize knee

Topical Gear has designed an ACL Tube that applies T:25 Technology to the medial hamstring and medial quadriceps, enhancing muscle tone, which better aligns the knee. In response to this stimulation, the muscles become trained to optimize performance and reduce risk of injury.


  • Reduced risk of ACL injury
  • Post-ACL reconstruction rehabilitation
  • Patella subluxation
  • Osgood-Schlatter disease


  • Thin & light - only 2 oz.
  • Easy to apply
  • Anti-slip band, stays in place
  • Easy wear and care

Wear 1.5 hours per day, during motion for 10 days. Continue to train key muscles by wearing at least 1.5 hours, when in motion, every other day.


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