Pro Taco Ankle

Topical Gear

The PRO TACO is not a brace. It is the first wearable neuromuscular device designed to help strengthen the ankle, which helps reduce the risk of injury.

It features T:25 technology that applies topical pressure to the muscles and ligaments of the ankle, developing muscle tone. This enhances the athlete's proprioception, optimizing performance and reducing risk of injury.

  • Very comfortable, 50% lighter and 50% less bulky than most current ankle braces
  • Takes only seconds to apply or remove
  • Allows for full range of motion
  • Perfect for ankle rehabilitation, strength, conditioning, practice & games


Wear 1.5 hours per day, during motion for 10 days. Continue to train key muscles by wearing at least 1.5 hours, when in motion, every other day.

IMPORTANT: If you have been using a brace or tape, transition into wearing your Pro Taco in practice and games over 7-14 days.


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