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T:25 technology can enhance performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Specifically designed for football, but can be worn by any athlete!

The T:25 Knee is designed to increase speed and vertical while reducing the risk of hamstring and ACL tears. This is accomplished by T:25 tabs applying topical pressure to train medial quadriceps and hamstring muscles.

  • Lightweight (1.5 oz)
  • Machine wash & dry
  • Wicking properties
  • Breathable
  • Anti-microbial
  • Stay-in-place top band

Select the Standard 8" version if height is under 6'2" (188cm). Select 10" Long version if 6'2" (188cm) or greater. (See Sizing Chart Image)

Sold as a pair

Current sizes available are II - VII (Standard and Long)


Wear 1.5 hours/day for 10 days in motion. Then 1.5 hours/every other day in motion,  for 6 weeks.  After initial training of the key muscles are complete, this can be worn as desired.

Instructions for putting on the T:25 Knee Sleeve

1. Turn top band inside out
2. Pull sleeve up over and past knee. Be sure to put left
sleeve on left leg and right sleeve on right leg. L or R
is woven in the back of the sleeve
3. Align arrow on the bottom hem above the patella
4. Make final adjustments to align the buttresses over the
medial quadricep and medial hamstring
5. Turn top hem right side out to keep sleeve in place

Instructions for taking off the T:25 Knee Sleeve

1. Turn top band inside out
2. Pull sleeve from the bottom down over the knee
and off the leg

Care instructions for the T:25 Knee Sleeve

1. Do not remove buttresses before washing
2. Machine wash cold
3. Hang dry
4. Do not:
a. Bleach
b. Machine dry
c. Iron
d. Dry clean

 Decker - "The effectiveness of the ACL Tube on ACL Injury Risk Reduction and Performance in Female Soccer Athletes."

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