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Levamed Active Ankle Support

The Levamed active is an anatomically tailored ankle support with medially and laterally integrated silicone support cushion. This support offers individually adjustable and removable straps with elastic and inelastic sections....

Levamed Ankle Support

The Levamed is an anatomically tailored ankle support with integrated silicone malleolus support cushions. The clima-comfort fabric is highly elastic, breathable and moisture wicking and includes a special comfort zone...

Protect.Ankle Air Foam Support

protect.ankle air foam features a comfortable foam padding secured in a lightweight hard-shell, preventing lateral movement of the ankle. Adjustable straps provide a personalized fit and security. Recover an injured...

Protect.Achi Achilles Support

The protect.achi achilles support is designed to treat acute and chronic inflammation of the Achilles tendon, and to assist in the rehabilitative phase post-surgery or injury. Featuring stabilizing compression and...

Protect.Leva Ankle Support

Relieve and revive your sore, swollen ankle due to instabilities, sprains, or joint effusion. protect.leva ankle support features a medical grade build and functionality for optimal ankle relief. Breathable compressive...

Protect.Seamless Knit Ankle Support

Lightweight and low-profile, protect.seamless knit ankle support is a perfect solution for minor ankle sprains, acute & chronic swelling, and rheumatic & osteoarthritic irritations. Compressive skin-tight fit offers ankle stability...