CIM has shipping options ranging from overnight priority that will get your package delivered by 10 a.m. the next day to CIM-choice ground shipping that will deliver in 2-7 business days depending on how far you are from our Whitsett, NC distribution center.


CIM has a goal of making all our customers feel better. Sometimes an item needs to be exchanged for an alternate size, replaced due to inappropriate therapy or a personal situation has changed. Because of this, CIM has an excellent satisfaction guarantee and return policy. If you feel the need to return your CIM item anytime in the first 30 days after you place your order, contact our customer service team at and we will respond within one business day. Please keep in mind that returned merchandise will not be accepted without a return authorization number (RMA) obtained from CIM. There is a maximum 90-day time limit in which to return all merchandise, once CIM issues the RMA number.

The following information is required for a return authorization:

1. Description of merchandise (item number, color and size)
2. Reason for return
3. All applicable invoice numbers.


My calf circumference measures in between two size categories - should I purchase the smaller or larger size?

When your calf circumference measures in between two size categories, we recommend that you size up.

What is the compression level in your compression recovery tights?

CEP Compression Pro Recovery products all start with a higher rate of compression than the performance products, measuring 25-30 mmHg, starting at the ankle.

What is the difference between men's and women's size III or IV socks/sleeves?

The length of the overall sock and foot size - the men's are slightly longer than the women's and have larger feet. It's not uncommon for a taller woman to buy a Men's size III or IV. Same goes for a shorter man getting women's III or IV. The goal is for the sock to come just under the bend of the knee.

How do I wash my CEP products?

Compression socks and sleeves: Machine wash cold or warm, tumble dry low heat (no wool-lite or bleach). Compression apparel: Machine wash cold with basic detergent, air dry.

Will washing my CEP products less prolong their use?

No, in fact the compression profile can be negatively affected by dirt and body oils. Washing them after every wear is highly recommended. Use a garment bag to reduce 'lint balls' collection the the bottom.

How often do CEP compression socks/sleeves need to be replaced?

The more often you wear compression gear, the quicker it wears out. Our compression products will stay consistent for about a year if you wear your socks or sleeves every other day. If you put a lot of miles in and wear them every day, you can expect about 6 months before they’ll need to be replaced — just like a running shoe

Is CEP compression gear just for professional athletes?

Absolutely not. Even amateur athletes who want to take care of their bodies and improve their performance will truly appreciate our compression gear. CEP products provide a great fit, quality craftsmanship and assistance in preventing injury.


Is there any muscle atrophy due to wearing a Comfort Support every day?

No, because pain reduction leads to increased mobility; and because of proprioception – with more stability in movement comes more confidence while moving.

Can I drive a car while wearing an orthosis?

In principle, you can drive a car while wearing an orthosis. However, you should ask your doctor beforehand and also talk to your insurance company. This way, you'll be on the safe side if you do have an accident and there'll be no more obstacles stopping you from driving your car.

Can you wear orthoses and supports in water, and how do you clean them afterwards?

In principle we advise against swimming in the sea or at a pool, or taking a shower while wearing supports and orthoses. On the one hand the softbraces, in particular, can absorb water. This makes them heavy, so they can slip and will no longer be in the right place. On the other hand, salt water in particular can attack the materials in the supports and orthoses and impair both the efficacy and the comfort in wear of the medical device.

What is medi Airtex?

medi Airtex unites compression with the new functional features Smart Temp and Fresh Tech. The knit provides thermoregulation and an antibacterial effect. It molds itself to the knee and stays dimensionally stable, even during movements. The precise compression has proprioceptive actions and helps the body stabilize itself. It also helps reduce swelling and hematomas.

How often should I wear the Spinomed®?

Your care provider will give daily application instructions that take into account your specific condition. Please follow your care provider’s prescribed treatment. The success of the Spinomed® is based on ongoing, daily wear.

The Spinomed® seems to ride up on me. I cannot seem to get the Spinomed® to feel like it felt when I received it from my care provider. Is there anyway to fix this?

Ideally, the lower strap should fit just below your hip bones, anchoring the garment. To ensure that you are correctly applying the Spinomed®, see the reverse for easy, three-step fitting instructions.


Are insoles cheaper than other treatment options?

Yes, insoles are far cheaper than (and can be just as effective as) steroid injections, physical therapy or a variety of other treatments

What makes these insoles different from others?

These insoles are handmade, condition-specific, heat moldable/customizable and come in a wide range of personalized sizes from child to adult.

How should an insole help me?

An insole should provide one or more of the following during and after wearing: pain relief, comfort and support.

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