“The Pro Tacos are amazing! I feel bullet proof when wearing them on pretty aggressive trail runs, and on the tennis court as well. They are so worth the premium price for sure. They are so much more stable, and yet not as noticeable as other brands I have worn.” Kent Hunter, Central Texas, January 2016 (trail runner, tennis player, lacrosse coach)

“On the first day of the MidEast Qualifier in Indy I went up for a kill and landed wrong, spraining my left ankle. Up until that time I had never worn ankle braces because everyone said I really didn’t need to unless I had had an ankle sprain. My ankles were strong—or so I thought. It all happened so quickly! Fortunately that day I learned about the Pro Taco. I didn’t really want to wear the stiff uncomfortable ankle braces so I tried the Pro Taco. They are easy to put on and very comfortable. They provide just the right amount of support in just the right places. Now, I am fully recovered from my ankle sprain and I never go on the court without my Pro Tacos.” Angela L., player

“Holly has begun her freshman year at St. Pete High playing on the volleyball team, and of course is extremely excited. She is enjoying her Pro Tacos with pain-free ankles since May at the AAU tournament when we purchased them for her! This is the longest that she has gone without any pain since her surgery involving a tumor being removed from her right ankle! A miracle as far as I am concerned.” Becky W., mother

“I have observed that the posterior tibialis and the flexor hallicus longus are triggered by the Pro Taco’s medial buttress. I believe this is why we are seeing such good results. Although the peroneals are the main stabilizer in ankle sprains, we are also triggering the medial muscle which creates the balance between muscle groups and equals stability.” ~ Betsy Russell, ATC, Hays High School, Austin, Texas

My daugher wears her Pro Tacos religiously since purchasing them in Atlanta. She actually had a bad fall about a month ago but healed faster than she ever has before…with no serious sprain!– Thea K., mother


The ACL tube is super easy to put on and doesn’t move around at all. In fact, I can hardly feel it all while I’m playing because the material is so comfortable. When I wear the tube I can feel my knee swinging more freely. It’s cool!~ Katie B., player

She had a severe bruise to her knee and was on crutches for two weeks, then a knee brace for 6 months, then another smaller knee brace. She now uses the ACL tube and it has really helped, because her knee doesn’t hurt after practice anymore.~ Denise G., mother

The tube is soft and simple to wear. I have been using it on the leg that I injured my knee, and I have been pain free since. It has also helped me become more aware of where my knee is when I’m playing, which makes me feel safer and more confident, especially after having recovered from an injury.” ~ Christine G., player

I pulled my hamstring and have tried wearing the ACL Tube to help. It is definitely the one of the most comfortable products I’ve used, but more importantly, I feel an increased support and stability when I’m running.~ Marie, player